Hand Dyed Sherpa Pads for Sale
Selling these beautiful pads only used 4 times! The only reason they are lightly stained because I left an combination of oxyclean and bioclean paste on it too long..unfortunately. The areas that are stained are white-ish. As you can tell the white one didn't get stained with the paste. They are nice and comfortable but I just prefer cotton. After I used them I would spray them with the natural product bio-Kleen then I would soak them in oxyclean until I was ready to wash. I washed them with the arm and hammer wash free of dyes and fragrance on a heavy duty cycle with an extra rinse.

1. 11" Heavy pads- White, Fushia, Orange
2. 9" Heavy pads- Green, Turquoise, Purple
3. 7" Light- Yellow Pad

These are from the pampered shop on Etsy check the pics for descriptions. They are hand dyed Sherpa cotton. With wind pro fleece backing.

Selling them all for $55

I am losing money but in the end someone will enjoy them and hopefully someone just starting out like I am, can save some dough

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Suzanne Jump
Ok ladies, it's destash time! I never wear these so I want to find them a new home.
In the top picture I have from left to right:
6.5' Lunapads flannel liner (worn once, no stains)
8.5' Gladrags flannel liner (worn once, no stains)
8.6' Minky-topped, fleece backed light pad from BloggerLadyK (worn once, no stains)

Bottom picture:
Orange chevron minky-topped, fleece backed overnight from TFLshop (worn once, no stains)
Floral minky-topped, fleece backed overnight from TFLshop (Never worn)
All four after that are 8.8' regular/moderate minky-topped, fleece backed also from TFLshop (never worn)
and the very bottom pad with foxes is a 10' Heavy cotton from ScarletFoxPads (worn twice, no stains)

Open to offers and trade!

DESTASH TIME! I never wear these so... I am giving them a new home. All of them were gently used only once, and have no stains. They are all comfy and well made, just unfortunately too short for me. I prefer longer pads, so...You can DM me with an offer/trade if interested.Red plaid pad is a 6.5' flannel liner from Lunapads.Green pad is an 8.5' flannel liner from Gladrags.Cream pad is an 8.6' minky(?) Light pad from an unknown maker. ❤❤❤ #destash #destashsale #destashing #rumps #rumpswap #reusablemenstrualproducts #buyortrade #clothpads #clothpadsales #choosecloth #clothpad #mamacloth #ditchthedisposables #vegan #vegans #veganshare #vgang #vegang #pads

Orange and floral on the far left are minky-topped 12' overnights

I'm destashing! These pad are in good condition. No stains but some fading on the cotton topped pads and regular wear on the fleece. Lisa of Yurtcraft very nicely made the 9" flares narrower for me, so they only get as wide as her 7" size ones do at the flares.

ten 7" yurtcraft regular absorbency - $4 each
six 9" yurtcraft regulary absorbency - $5 each
two 9" yurtcraft heavy absorbency - $5 each
one purple 8" cozyfolks moderate - $4
two red 11" modern acorn overnight pads - $7 each

album: http://imgur.com/a/hsml1

CONUS and Paypal only please. I can estimate shipping based on your zip code. Thanks for looking!

gently used cloth pads for sale
Jarka Bednrov

longer one with black flower pattern is 12 inches from PIMP and it's Overnight absorbency - I used it once or twice. It's too long for me and I don't need that much absorbency anyway. It has a bit of discoloration because it got thrown in a laundry basket with one of my white t-shirts which had a stain I've treated with bleach before washing (stupid mistake) :)
5 euro

the old pink pad is from Silver liner cloth pads (Etsy). it's 10 inches long and heavy absorbency. I used it couple of times, and Silver liner pads are one of my favorites, but I don't need that much absorbency so it's been just laying in my closet unused.
It has black micro-fleece back.
4 euro

shipping would be 4.30 for one of both of the pads together.
I'm open for negotiation :D

send me a message to jajinka123@gmail.com

Destash Each pad is ONLY $3.50 !! SALE

I am shipping worldwide! Includes tracking :)
*Selling as a set only.*
Keychain is FREE
Cloth Menstrual pad destash!
Shipping: 1st 20g is $3
Each additional 10g is $0.3
All these need to go!! Thus I am offering them at an extremely cheap deal, this set is definitely worth at least 50% more than what I am selling for.
The first person that comments or emails me (info in the comment) will get the deal.

This set includes:
1x $3.50 New 12" overnight Feminine wear Organic bamboo velour topped waterproof minky back
1x $3.50 New 12" overnight Feminine wear bamboo terry topped waterproof minky back
1x $3.50 new light flow exposed core style fluffy minky topped
1x $3.50 Used 9" heavy Preciousstars Curved style very faint staining (seller no longer stocks this style anymore so its rare)
1x $3.50 New Diamond core embroidered cotton topped liner (transformable thong feature)
1x $3.50 Used Preciousstars original divergent print cotton topped light day pad
1x $3.50 New Seconds liner (transformable thong feature)
1x Free bees pad keychain with bungee cord worth (worth $4.50)
1x Free New cotton lined drawing bag

Huge Cloth Pad Destash Worldwide
Contact information in the comments!
Prices negotiable if bought 3 or more pads :)
Menstrual cup pouch $0.50 each.
Included FREE if order is above $15

Liners: ALL 3 FOR $9
-preciousstars handmade divergent cotton <$3.80>
-Blue with diamond core stitching transformable to thong 7" <$4> new cotton topped
-Purple 7" transformable thong ss <$2> new

Preciousstars pads Version 2.0 Curved style
All 4 for $25
All 9" PUL backed bamboo topped Heavy
-Elephantparade washed only <$6.20>
-Doggies new <$6.50>
-Fishy Fun new <$6.50>
-Merry go round used once slighty stained <$5.5>

Feminine wear 12" wrap wing style
both new pul minky backed
-organic bamboo velour obv $6
-bamboo terry $5.5

PUL Backing $0.40 9"


First item is $3 with tracking worldwide
Additional each item is $0.5 ;)

pads made with Luna Wolf pattern - SOLD!
I have several used pads that I made with Luna Wolf's pattern. It wouldn't feel right to sell them since it's not my pattern, so I'm only asking for $20 for the whole stash to cover some of the materials and then of course shipping (continental US and Paypal only, please). I'd prefer not to break it up.

Here are some details:
Some have been adjusted to have pointy wings. The cores are flannel and birdseye. My body ended up bleaching the light purple ones on the top row (darn!).

*The pads on the top row are medium absorbency and backed with fleece.
*Second row are liners backed with fleece. The brown and teal ones are linen/cotton blend topped.
*Third row are liners backed with microfleece (not waterproof!)

Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!

Gladrags Heavy/Night/Postpartum
Tara Perkins
I am selling my 5 used (but NOT stained) GladRags night pads with one insert each. (They come with 2 from GladRags, but you will only get one each from this listing.) There is minor pilling and frayed edges that come with normal use. They have only ever been washed in RockinGreen's Femme Rock and had Ruby's Red Wash and Buncha Farmers stain stick used on them. I will even include a sample packet of Femme Rock.

I would like to sell these all together, but if nobody wants all of them after a while, I would be willing to sell individually.

I am asking $50 (includes US shipping- International shipping will be at cost). I will accept paypal.

These sell for $19.49 each. Even with only half the inserts, this is at least a $75 value.

The pattern is called Funky Flowers. There are 4 teal-ish ones and one white one, with corresponding inserts.

The only reason I am getting rid of these is because I now have the organic pads and use those now.


EDIT - Taken! Thank you!

Hello everyone, I am trying to get rid of a few pads again and am willing to give my pads away for FREE. I will even pay shipping if you live in the USA and don't mind me using the cheapest method available.

The catch is that I am going to send everything in this picture and they will all go to one person. I literally just need them to go to a new home because I either do not fit them correctly or I just haven't used them. HALF of these have never been worn and the others were worn probably once.

Picture below:

From Left to Right:

1x 7.5 Inch Light pad by an unknown maker (very sorry :(!)

2x 11 inch Medium pads (one UNUSED and one used once) by Sleeping Doe (I actually ADORE Sleeping Doe pads but I am letting these go because I am not fond of the print lol)

2x NEW/UNUSED Heavy Pads by CraftNook (I am unsure of the size). I am letting these go because they are too wide when snapped.

3x Light Pads by Yurtcraft in various sizes. I love Yurtcraft prints but they simply do not fit me. So I am letting them all go.

That's all! So these are FREE and I will pay for US shipping too. Again, the catch is that these will have to go to just one person.

This will likely be a first come first serve sort of thing. Comment or message me, whichever works. Thank you!

EDIT - Taken! Thank you!

Big destash - everything sold
Hi there :)
I'm trying to destash some pads i'm not using so i have more space and cash for trying new brands i'm interested in :)
All of these are either brand new or very gently used with no stains and little to no wear showing.

Essence of Eve 7" liners OBV contrasting fleece backed (purple on blue liner, blue on pink liner and orange on hot pink wingless liner). Blue and pink were used once, both in perfect as new condition, wingless one was only prewashed and never used. 3$ each

Naturally Hip 7" yellow OBV waterproof liner, used once, perfect as new condition. 4$
8" organic hemp fleece regular pad, used a couple of times, great condition. 5$
8" flared cotton velour pad, shows light use, but very good condition overall with no stains. 3$
9.5" cotton velour flared pad, shows moderate use, but very good condition overall with no stains. 2$

RCD Boutique set of 3 8"contoured wingless liners. Cotton knit on one side and white flannel on other. Used a couple of times, in perfect as new condition. 3$ for all 3
8" reversible liner with cotton knit on one side and red micro fleece on other. Used a couple of times in great almost new condition. 2.5$

Japanese 6" liners (don't remember the brand) bought from Rakuten. Printed flannel on one side, cotton knit on other, can be reversed. Used once, in perfect as new condition. 2.5$ each
Japanese Baby Hearts 9" pad bought from Rakuten. Topped with organic cotton knit mesh, with built in waterproof layer. Brand new, never washed. 4$

Party In My Pants medium pad 10" cotton topped. Used a couple of times, in great condition. 8$
Emilla Aphrodite 8" cotton topped light/liner X2. Both brand new never used, black one prewashed. 5$ each

Sckoon mini pad 8". Used a couple of times, in very good condition. 8$
Yurtcraft 9.25" heavy cotton topped pad with hidden PUL and cotton back. Used a couple of times, in great almost new condition 6$

Momiji Naturals 8" regular pads with hidden PUL. Red one was used a few times and shows moderate wear but in good condition overall. 2$
Black cotton jersey prewashed and one of them was used once but i can't tell which one. Both in great condition. 4$ each
Thanks for looking and i'm happy to answer any questions.


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