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Destash Each pad is ONLY $3.50 !! SALE
jayyni wrote in clothpadsales

I am shipping worldwide! Includes tracking :)
*Selling as a set only.*
Keychain is FREE
Cloth Menstrual pad destash!
Shipping: 1st 20g is $3
Each additional 10g is $0.3
All these need to go!! Thus I am offering them at an extremely cheap deal, this set is definitely worth at least 50% more than what I am selling for.
The first person that comments or emails me (info in the comment) will get the deal.

This set includes:
1x $3.50 New 12" overnight Feminine wear Organic bamboo velour topped waterproof minky back
1x $3.50 New 12" overnight Feminine wear bamboo terry topped waterproof minky back
1x $3.50 new light flow exposed core style fluffy minky topped
1x $3.50 Used 9" heavy Preciousstars Curved style very faint staining (seller no longer stocks this style anymore so its rare)
1x $3.50 New Diamond core embroidered cotton topped liner (transformable thong feature)
1x $3.50 Used Preciousstars original divergent print cotton topped light day pad
1x $3.50 New Seconds liner (transformable thong feature)
1x Free bees pad keychain with bungee cord worth (worth $4.50)
1x Free New cotton lined drawing bag

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I'd like to buy this set, shipped to the US.

Hey there! Please email me ;)

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