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Suzanne Jump wrote in clothpadsales
Ok ladies, it's destash time! I never wear these so I want to find them a new home.
In the top picture I have from left to right:
6.5' Lunapads flannel liner (worn once, no stains)
8.5' Gladrags flannel liner (worn once, no stains)
8.6' Minky-topped, fleece backed light pad from BloggerLadyK (worn once, no stains)

Bottom picture:
Orange chevron minky-topped, fleece backed overnight from TFLshop (worn once, no stains)
Floral minky-topped, fleece backed overnight from TFLshop (Never worn)
All four after that are 8.8' regular/moderate minky-topped, fleece backed also from TFLshop (never worn)
and the very bottom pad with foxes is a 10' Heavy cotton from ScarletFoxPads (worn twice, no stains)

Open to offers and trade!

DESTASH TIME! I never wear these so... I am giving them a new home. All of them were gently used only once, and have no stains. They are all comfy and well made, just unfortunately too short for me. I prefer longer pads, so...You can DM me with an offer/trade if interested.Red plaid pad is a 6.5' flannel liner from Lunapads.Green pad is an 8.5' flannel liner from Gladrags.Cream pad is an 8.6' minky(?) Light pad from an unknown maker. ❤❤❤ #destash #destashsale #destashing #rumps #rumpswap #reusablemenstrualproducts #buyortrade #clothpads #clothpadsales #choosecloth #clothpad #mamacloth #ditchthedisposables #vegan #vegans #veganshare #vgang #vegang #pads

Orange and floral on the far left are minky-topped 12' overnights

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Just as an FYI your pictures are not loading.

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