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Big destash - everything sold
kalina_r wrote in clothpadsales
Hi there :)
I'm trying to destash some pads i'm not using so i have more space and cash for trying new brands i'm interested in :)
All of these are either brand new or very gently used with no stains and little to no wear showing.

Essence of Eve 7" liners OBV contrasting fleece backed (purple on blue liner, blue on pink liner and orange on hot pink wingless liner). Blue and pink were used once, both in perfect as new condition, wingless one was only prewashed and never used. 3$ each

Naturally Hip 7" yellow OBV waterproof liner, used once, perfect as new condition. 4$
8" organic hemp fleece regular pad, used a couple of times, great condition. 5$
8" flared cotton velour pad, shows light use, but very good condition overall with no stains. 3$
9.5" cotton velour flared pad, shows moderate use, but very good condition overall with no stains. 2$

RCD Boutique set of 3 8"contoured wingless liners. Cotton knit on one side and white flannel on other. Used a couple of times, in perfect as new condition. 3$ for all 3
8" reversible liner with cotton knit on one side and red micro fleece on other. Used a couple of times in great almost new condition. 2.5$

Japanese 6" liners (don't remember the brand) bought from Rakuten. Printed flannel on one side, cotton knit on other, can be reversed. Used once, in perfect as new condition. 2.5$ each
Japanese Baby Hearts 9" pad bought from Rakuten. Topped with organic cotton knit mesh, with built in waterproof layer. Brand new, never washed. 4$

Party In My Pants medium pad 10" cotton topped. Used a couple of times, in great condition. 8$
Emilla Aphrodite 8" cotton topped light/liner X2. Both brand new never used, black one prewashed. 5$ each

Sckoon mini pad 8". Used a couple of times, in very good condition. 8$
Yurtcraft 9.25" heavy cotton topped pad with hidden PUL and cotton back. Used a couple of times, in great almost new condition 6$

Momiji Naturals 8" regular pads with hidden PUL. Red one was used a few times and shows moderate wear but in good condition overall. 2$
Black cotton jersey prewashed and one of them was used once but i can't tell which one. Both in great condition. 4$ each
Thanks for looking and i'm happy to answer any questions.

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Hi I'm in the US and I was wondering what the backing is for the naturallyhip cotton velours? Is there hidden PUL or is it windpro fleece? If it is either of these i would love to buy both, along with the yurtcraft and organic hemp.

Edited at 2015-09-18 01:26 am (UTC)

They are backed in cotton flannel and there is a hidden Procare waterproof barrier. I'm not sure how procare is different from PUL but the pads are fully waterproof

Then i would defiently like to buy the yurtcraft and the naturally hip hemp and 2 cotton velour. My email is

Sorry, there is another person who wants to buy all the pads and i'd rather sell them all in one go. If for some reason it doesn't work out i'll let you know.

Ok, Thank you. Yes please contact me if anything changes.

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