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soloscry wrote in clothpadsales
EDIT - Taken! Thank you!

Hello everyone, I am trying to get rid of a few pads again and am willing to give my pads away for FREE. I will even pay shipping if you live in the USA and don't mind me using the cheapest method available.

The catch is that I am going to send everything in this picture and they will all go to one person. I literally just need them to go to a new home because I either do not fit them correctly or I just haven't used them. HALF of these have never been worn and the others were worn probably once.

Picture below:

From Left to Right:

1x 7.5 Inch Light pad by an unknown maker (very sorry :(!)

2x 11 inch Medium pads (one UNUSED and one used once) by Sleeping Doe (I actually ADORE Sleeping Doe pads but I am letting these go because I am not fond of the print lol)

2x NEW/UNUSED Heavy Pads by CraftNook (I am unsure of the size). I am letting these go because they are too wide when snapped.

3x Light Pads by Yurtcraft in various sizes. I love Yurtcraft prints but they simply do not fit me. So I am letting them all go.

That's all! So these are FREE and I will pay for US shipping too. Again, the catch is that these will have to go to just one person.

This will likely be a first come first serve sort of thing. Comment or message me, whichever works. Thank you!

EDIT - Taken! Thank you!

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I would love them, if they are still available! I will message you too, it always takes me forever to remember how, LOL

Yay! I will check my messages. I will just need your address. I can ship these out on Monday :D!

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