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pads made with Luna Wolf pattern - SOLD!
eatswithfork wrote in clothpadsales
I have several used pads that I made with Luna Wolf's pattern. It wouldn't feel right to sell them since it's not my pattern, so I'm only asking for $20 for the whole stash to cover some of the materials and then of course shipping (continental US and Paypal only, please). I'd prefer not to break it up.

Here are some details:
Some have been adjusted to have pointy wings. The cores are flannel and birdseye. My body ended up bleaching the light purple ones on the top row (darn!).

*The pads on the top row are medium absorbency and backed with fleece.
*Second row are liners backed with fleece. The brown and teal ones are linen/cotton blend topped.
*Third row are liners backed with microfleece (not waterproof!)

Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!


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