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gently used cloth pads for sale
Jarka Bednrov wrote in clothpadsales

longer one with black flower pattern is 12 inches from PIMP and it's Overnight absorbency - I used it once or twice. It's too long for me and I don't need that much absorbency anyway. It has a bit of discoloration because it got thrown in a laundry basket with one of my white t-shirts which had a stain I've treated with bleach before washing (stupid mistake) :)
5 euro

the old pink pad is from Silver liner cloth pads (Etsy). it's 10 inches long and heavy absorbency. I used it couple of times, and Silver liner pads are one of my favorites, but I don't need that much absorbency so it's been just laying in my closet unused.
It has black micro-fleece back.
4 euro

shipping would be 4.30 for one of both of the pads together.
I'm open for negotiation :D

send me a message to

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So this is a long shot... do you still have the pink pad from silver liner?

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