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eatswithfork wrote in clothpadsales
I'm destashing! These pad are in good condition. No stains but some fading on the cotton topped pads and regular wear on the fleece. Lisa of Yurtcraft very nicely made the 9" flares narrower for me, so they only get as wide as her 7" size ones do at the flares.

ten 7" yurtcraft regular absorbency - $4 each
six 9" yurtcraft regulary absorbency - $5 each
two 9" yurtcraft heavy absorbency - $5 each
one purple 8" cozyfolks moderate - $4
two red 11" modern acorn overnight pads - $7 each


CONUS and Paypal only please. I can estimate shipping based on your zip code. Thanks for looking!

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I would be interested in the 9' regular or heavy. My zip is 99518 how much for shipping?

Hi, do you send overseas? I'm located in Singapore. How much does postage cost?

i'm interested in both of your overnight pads, 4 of your 9" regular absorbancy, and 2 of your 7" regular absorbency

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