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Hand Dyed Sherpa Pads for Sale
michellechava wrote in clothpadsales
Selling these beautiful pads only used 4 times! The only reason they are lightly stained because I left an combination of oxyclean and bioclean paste on it too long..unfortunately. The areas that are stained are white-ish. As you can tell the white one didn't get stained with the paste. They are nice and comfortable but I just prefer cotton. After I used them I would spray them with the natural product bio-Kleen then I would soak them in oxyclean until I was ready to wash. I washed them with the arm and hammer wash free of dyes and fragrance on a heavy duty cycle with an extra rinse.

1. 11" Heavy pads- White, Fushia, Orange
2. 9" Heavy pads- Green, Turquoise, Purple
3. 7" Light- Yellow Pad

These are from the pampered shop on Etsy check the pics for descriptions. They are hand dyed Sherpa cotton. With wind pro fleece backing.

Selling them all for $55

I am losing money but in the end someone will enjoy them and hopefully someone just starting out like I am, can save some dough

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