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Buy/Trade/Sell Cloth Pads

Welcome To Cloth Pad Sales!

This community has to do with anything involving buying, selling, or trading cloth pads!

In this community, you can:

Buy, sell, and trade cloth pads. That is what we are here for!
Share stash pictures. Isn't everyone proud of their collections?
Recommend and review cloth pads. There are many new cloth pad users out there. Let's help them out by posting detailed reviews and recommendations of cloth pads and makers. With all the different pad makers and the unique products out there, it is important we give new users access to information all in one place.
Advertise your cloth pad business. We want our community to be aware of what is offered!

*For questions about cloth pad use and care, visit the cloth_pads community
*For questions about making your own cloth pads, visit diy_pads.


1. When posting make sure to edit your post with the items you still have available!
2. State which payment method you prefer: Money orders, Pay Pal, concealed cash, check, etc. Keep in mind that the maintainers of this community are not responsible for bad sales, or trades. So please, buy and trade with common sense.
3. USE THE FEEDBACK SYSTEM. More detailed information on the feedback system is covered in the next part of this user info. Don't forget to use TAGS!! If you need one added, let a moderator know on this post.
4. When selling or trading please pre-wash before sending off your used pad OR if buying once again remember to pre-wash before use. Please state in your post whether or not you accept used pads. Some do, and some don't. Personal preference.
5. Do not cause drama in this community. Enough said. If you have problems with anyone in this community, DO NOT try and solve it by yourself. Contact a moderator right away.
6. Last but not least... Have fun!


The purpose of reviewing is to share information about cloth pad makers or brands to make people aware of the quality of their products or your experiences buying from them. If you do not know the maker of the pads, do not post a review.

1. When reviewing cloth pads, please either use this format, or incorporate as much of this information into your reviews as possible:

Maker/brand of the pad(s):
Type of pad(s) purchased: Heavy, light, liner, size, etc.
Pad comfort and fit:
Pad materials:
Pad durability: (Does the pad hold up wash after wash?)
Looks: (pattern, dye job)
Ability: (Does the pad do its job well?)
Craftsmanship: (How well is the pad made - stitching, shape, etc.)

Did you buy the pad(s) directly from the maker?
If so, customer service:
Pricing/value for money:
Link to their website/Etsy store:

And anything else you want to add to make your review more detailed and helpful to others. Photos are always preferred!

2. Do not slander any pad maker. Be as constructive and detailed as possible when reviewing pads. Remember, just because a pad is not for you doesn't mean it wouldn't work for someone else. If you had customer service issues, express them carefully, keeping in mind that 1) the maker may be reading your review post and 2) not everyone will have those same issues since there are out-of-the-ordinary circumstances that can affect transactions. BE CIVIL OR WE WILL REMOVE YOUR POST.

When you review, it is good to do so with the intention of giving the makers feedback on their products/business and giving other cloth users a clear and informed opinion to help them find the pads that will work for them.

3. Pad makers: Obviously, don't review your own pads. You may respond to reviews. If you feel like a review is not following the rules, report it to a moderator immediately.



All we ask is that you use this privilege within reason, and do not use the community solely for that purpose. Please, give and take a little!

Feedback is posting your buying/selling/trading experiences with other users in this community. If you did not make the transaction within this community, please do not post feedback! The purpose is to let others know what buyers and sellers in this community are good to do business with.

If it didn't happen here, it's irrelevant.
This cannot be stressed enough. This is the basis of this community, and what makes it run properly. It helps everyone to have good buying/selling experiences.
Both BUYERS and SELLERS will use the feedback system. You will leave feedback when you receive payments OR when you receive pads. Your feedback will consist of a short, simple entry saying why you are leaving positive or negative feedback and your experience with that user. You will add two tags to every feedback entry. "Positive feedback" OR "negative feedback" and the person's user name, so that others can look up the people they are buying from/selling to. If the person's user name is not currently in the tag list and you need it added, please contact a moderator. We will be more than happy to do this for you. You may also leave a comment on this post if that's more convenient for you.

If you are confused about LiveJournal's tagging system please look at the LJ Frequently Asked Questions.

In the instance that you need to contact a moderator, your mods are:

skyladagaz at skyebattest@gmail.com

Click here for the Wikipedia article on cloth menstrual pads

Cloth Pads dot org - a great resource for information on all alternative menstrual products!

For general info about cloth pads use/care, join: cloth_pads.
Interested in making your own pads? Check out diy_pads.
Go visit menstrual_cups for information about menstrual cups. (Diva, Keeper, Lunette, Mooncup etc)
For information and support regarding women's reproductive health, join vaginapagina.

*Want your community added to this list? Contact one of the moderators!*

*~*~*Please help support cloth pad makers!*~*~*

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jsnichols1, Pink Lemonade dot com, Hyena Cart, Etsy store
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Homestead Emporium, Homestead's Hyena Cart

If you would like to be added to the list or have a link you'd like added, please contact a moderator! Membership to this community is necessary to be added to the promo list.


Check out the following places for free pad samples! You just pay shipping!

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***Community icon and banners are made by jlfoster119
***All pads shown in community icon/banners are made by Peggy @ Homestead Emporium